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Tuesday, 19 October 2010 17:03 Sergio Leal
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"My instructors Sergio and Salud (latindancepro.com) are fantastic. They really take the beginning dancer lacking a single step and nurture her (or him) into a vibrant twirling vision of elegance."

Agenda Magazine/Article: Fitness Couture -Let the Rhythm Melt the Weight Away Anthony Heredia

  Dear Sergio & Salud:
Just wanted to say thank you for the Beginning Salsa class that I have been taking for the past few weeks.

I always felt uncomfortable on the dance floor, especially with more and more salsa music being played at parties and weddings. Thanks to your classes, I now feel more and more comfortable out there, even confident, and now I even look forward to salsa music being played at parties!

Not only that, but your style of teaching, and the way you enjoy every class that you teach, carries through to us. Since your announcement on Saturday, I and my friends are thinking of moving on to Salsa II. Imagine that, Salsa II!!!! Even if I go to a couple of Salsa II, and then go back to Salsa I, I will still keep coming. The classes are even more enjoyable than some of the parties I go to.

I have to admit that I have taken Salsa classes at four different dance studios in the past, and gave up every time. Your classes are BY FAR the best.

OK, take care, see you at class."

Peter B.

"Hi Sergio & Salud!
Just want to thank you for your friendship. To say that I eagerly look forward to your classes would be an understatement. I truly appreciate your patience and your remarkable ability to address every student’s unique needs in classes with highly diverse skill levels. At times, I even feel that I’m taking private or semi-private lessons in your group classes. Simply put, I’m impressed. And this is coming from a fellow educator.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t confess that watching you teach has had a positive impact on how I relate to my students and how patient I am with them.

Gracias, merci, thank you for making me more than a decent salsero."

Yves Magloé,
Language Professor (Pasadena City College)



Dear Sergio and Salud,
“At best a teacher wakes up the student and makes them hungry to learn.”

And that you have done! I thought passion had left my heart until I attended my first class with you back in January. Sergio and Salud, you are not only exemplarily dance teachers who give so much of yourselves, but you nurture and inspire as well. You are great individuals with a warm demeanor and strong character. For me dancing reveals the mystery that music conceals; and it signifies and displays something over and above the pleasure of senses. As I look forward to learning from you for years to come, I want to thank you for your friendship and for the gift of learning to dance.

Warmest regards,
Mary Khayat

  Dear Sergio and Salud,
Konichiwa from Japan! I miss your weekly Salsa classes dearly. The classes were not only a great workout, but also a great learning experience. You both create such a warm and safe learning environment; it's contagious! The Salsa virus has also spread to my fellow classmates here in Japan. I even gave a basic lesson to all of them at the gym! They all had a wonderful time. Since my studies are held in the countryside, it's quite difficult to meet a Salsa partner. However, the people around me here are eager to learn. I just wish I had practiced more in LA to teach others well. Anyways, hope you are both doing well and I will be flying into one of your classes in August.

Until then, take care!

Dear Sergio & Salud,
On behalf of our daughter, family and friends, we extend our heartfelt thanks and love, for your cumbia lessons and choreography work for Angelica’s Quince Anos party. Her “Baile Sorpresa” was a great success because of your dedication and patience.

I saw 16 teenagers begin lessons with minimal effort and interest. Then as I watched you work your magic, they not only learned the steps, they had fun too! You are both incredible dancers and wonderfully patient teachers as well. We will be sharing our photos and videos with you as soon as we get them. From our hearts, thanks again!

Mark & Linda Ponce
Pasadena, Ca.

"Watching Sergio and Salud is like seeing genetic perfection in motion. They have some sort of salsa telepathy with each other that keeps the perfectly in step, never becoming a rat’s nest of body parts. I inwardly appointed this duo as my training team, but also knew I was a big project who needed a variety of experts."

Pasadena Weekly
Amy Tenowich



"Sergio and Salud's warm and sincere approach to teaching their elegant and sexy style of dance makes their classes fun and rewarding. They give clear instructions and personal attention to problem areas, and I’ve seen people with no experience become very good dancers. Best of all, by dancing with each student, they can detect faulty technique and help people avoid establishing bad habits.

Personally, I’m now confident and no longer intimidated going to salsa clubs and dancing with new people.

Sergio and Salud constantly fine tune their teaching techniques and bring to their students new and exciting developments in the Latin dances and salsa clubs. So, I feel that taking their classes will always be fun and interesting."

Criminal Corporate America
(Aerospace Industry Branch)

  Hey Sergio,
It's been about 3 1/2 months since our wedding I just wanted to say thank you so much for fitting us in for a last minute bachata lesson. Our surprise dance went very well. My husband really surprised me because we really didn't get a chance to practice yet he remembered everything you taught him. It was such a beautiful day and that dance just gave us another something to remember. Thank you so much for sharing your gift!

Marco Cubero

"Sergio and Salud are world-class dancers, consummate professionals, and exceptional teachers. I took my first salsa class with them two years ago and have continued to study with them ever since. They have a keen eye for detail and always manage to offer a lot of personalized attention. They routinely offer suggestions and help their students make minor adjustments to their dancing that make a world of difference.

In addition, they create a warm, supportive atmosphere that encourages students to take risks and enables them to grow as dancers. I am very grateful to both of them and would recommend both their group classes and private instruction to anyone."

Elena M.
Office Manager; MA

"First of all, I would like to thank Sergio and Salud for great lessons. Not only do they teach people how to dance with excellent technique, they also make the learning experience fun, non-intimidating, and they boost student's confidence. I am proud to say how inspiring it is to meet them and learn from them. I wish them the best of luck and success in the future!"

Steve Dassian
Co-Owner/Vice President (Farm Fresh Ranch Markets)



"I choose to take classes specifically from Sergio and Salud because of their passion for what they teach and their professionalism as well as sincerity, patience and eagerness to make each and every individual feel confident about their ability to learn how to move their bodies.

Through both their instruction I have been able to move with more fluidity by their example. Through review and progression I have been able to progress at a level where there is continued enthusiasm on my part to continue studying with them.

I have chosen to continue with both Sergio and Salud over other instructors because I am constantly challenged as well as encouraged."

Louis Flores
Pilates/Gyrotonic Instructor

  "A friend of a friend that had received instruction from a few different schools in Alhambra and Pasadena recommended Sergio and Salud to me.

They have an extremely friendly and gentle approach to teaching. It's very obvious that they consider your ability to dance a reflection on them. I never really thought of myself as a dancer before working with them. I'm a portly ex-jock. While I have had a few friends tell me I had some ability, I really never realized it until taking this class. I definitely have to credit Sergio and Salud's instructions for that. I've always been extremely bashful and shy about my dancing. They're both working hard on changing this. I must say they're very determined as well.

Rediscovering the endorphic rush that dancing unleashes has been the greatest personal benefit I've gained from these classes. Sergio and Salud are two of the most affable people I've ever met. They both have private lives yet always show up cheerful and full of zest about their work. I've discussed my class experiences with many colleagues and was surprised at how different the experiences are. Most importantly, they encourage that you have fun in their classes. This is more than evident in the laughter that comes not only from the students but from the engaging and lively instruction as well."

Ben Urquidi
Financial Analyst and Trust Officer

"Sergio and Salud,
Just wanted to say, you two are such a class act! Your emails always look great, just all the right info. compared to other studios... you guys are just rocking, doing it all right! And that's just your promotion! Your events are great, I always enjoy attending. I think by doing it so right, you attract fun, friendly people for your classes, parties, lots of exciting dancers. Just wanted to say that, since it is all true. Of course, in addition to that, you two are the best dance teachers I've ever had. And I've seen a lot of dance teachers over the years. Truly, everyone else is just miles behind you...




"Not only can they dance and perform overwhelmingly well, they're also very loving, kind and patient salsa dance teachers. I've been taking lessons with Sergio and Salud for over 2 years because of their non-judgmental approach and way of going over steps, turns and styling with me. Moreover, I value and admire the fact that Sergio and Salud are persuing other careers aside from teaching dance. To me, that sets them apart from other instructors. Sergio and Salud are very humble, but naturally talented people with big dreams... I salute them."

Eunice Kim, MSW

  "About three years ago I had taken Salsa classes on two separate occasions at another dance school. I stopped out of frustration as I didn't feel I was progressing and truthfully I thought Salsa would be more fun than that. Recently I wanted to give Salsa and myself another chance and because I was fortunate enough to find Sergio and Salud as my instructors, I now have the confidence that I can learn well enough to have fun and enjoy. My attitude about devoting time to taking classes and dancing Salsa changed in large part due to the instructors.

For one, Sergio and Salud have this youthful energy and an appreciation for the dance. You get the sense that they really want to teach you to dance well so we too can experience the fun and joy of Salsa dancing and the music. Other instructors can be hard-nosed or strict, but with Sergio and Salud, they relate to you more like they are your friends - very patient, easy going, cordial, and amiable. I think I am able to learn quicker with Sergio and Salud because they are able to breakdown precisely what the flaws are when I do each pattern. They can quickly point out what I'm doing wrong and fix it. I learn good fundamentals from them which in turn make it easy to learn upcoming, more advanced steps and patterns.

I've gained confidence and another level of appreciation for Salsa thanks to these two awesome people. Everyone's skill level is different, but if you want to be the best that you can be, it helps to learn from the best. I've seen Sergio and Salud perform and they are impressive."

Woody Injarusorn
Business Owner; B.S.

"I had just meant to take Salsa lessons for a year to see if I could "get it". What I have found from taking lessons for over these many weeks from Sergio & Salud is a new found love for salsa dance! It hasn't been quite a year yet and I am learning so much. I feel that Sergio & Salud's great dilligence and paitence have made it challenging and encouraging at the same time. I have experienced so much growth and self-confidence at this point I want to continue to learn more and become a better dancer."

William Dragoo
Graphic Design Instructor (Southeast ROP)

"If you are interested in learning to dance Salsa, look no further than Sergio and Salud! I have thoroughly enjoyed every class under their training. They offer excellent, competent instruction in a comfortable environment where all levels feel welcomed. They treat each person with dignity and respect and graciously overlook any missteps while gently offering suggestions for improvement. You will never outgrow this team!"

Ruth Barnes

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