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Tuesday, 19 October 2010 17:06 Sergio Leal
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sergio leal SERGIO LEAL (Director) 
Professional Latin dancer and Master Instructor, Sergio Leal, became a professional dancer and world dance competitor after graduating from Cal Poly Pomona with a Degree in Pure Mathematics in 2000. His dynamic performing skills and unique choreography have entertained audiences across the U.S. and have been featured in award-winning routines ,T.V., film and numerous articles and magazines throughout his dance career. His dance background includes Latin Ballroom, Argentine Tango, Hustle, and Salsa.
salud leon REBECA OVADIA 
Rebeca began her dance training in Jazz, Flamenco, and Middle Eastern disciplines at the early age of 8 years old. By age 15, she expanded her training to include hip and salsa and began her (dance) teaching career. In 2006, she became certified in American Smooth and Rhythm and has devoted the last 7 years to teaching Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Hustle and Salsa under the direct coaching of former Latin Champions of the Ukraine Stanislav Datsenko and Natalia Laubert. Rebeca is an active performer who travels and teaches workshops nationwide in hopes to spread her love of dance to others.
bobby gene BOBBY GENE
Professional Salsa Instructor and acting coach Bobby Gene is highly regarded as a caring and talented teacher whose passion is evident in his teaching methods which ensure that every student learns while having fun. Early in his dance career Bobby won 2nd place in the prestigious Conga Room Salsa Competition in L.A., and over the years he continues to compete and perform at numerous, well-known Salsa events. Bobby Gene is also owner and director of Bobby Gene's Actorsclubhouse Inc. where he has successfully trained kids, teens, and adults for commercial TV and film acting.
yuliana basmadzhya YULIANA BASMADZHYA
Born and raised in Armenia, Yuliana Basmajyan immigrated to the U.S. in her early adolescent years. It was then that her dance training began in modern Jazz, Flamenco, and Salsa. After years of extensive training and performing, she discovered her true passion in Tango and since then has studied under world-class dancers such as Natalia Hills, Romina Levin, Andrea Misse, Melina Brufman, and Geraldine Rojas. Her performance credits include various Tango showcases and concerts in Calfornia and abroad, inclduing at Nokia Theatre and Wilshire Ebell Theatre.
francisco bugarin FRANCISCO BUGARIN
Francisco's teaching philosophy is that having fun while learning to dance is the key to success. As a Latin dance instructor, he draws from his extensive 9-year long training in martial arts to better illustrate dance form and technique. This, coupled with his lighthearted and welcoming approach allows students to reach their highest learning potential. Francisco has competed and performed at renowned Salsa events & venues such as the L.A. Salsa Congress, Palm Springs Mambo Festival & the Conga Room. He teaches all the Latin dances & specializes in lead and follow.
francisco bugarin PAULINA VALLIN  
arman way ARMEN WAY
francisco bugarin ISABELLA  GROSSO
Isabella's appreciation for the arts began at a very young age. She started dancing at the young age of three and by the time she turned 12 she was a vivid ballet dancer assisting professional dance teachers in class. Her love for the arts and dance led her to the Debbie Allen Academy, the Alvin Ailey Dance theatre and Julliard in New York City. She has worked with many world class artists such as Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Janet Jackson and many others and has appeared in many commercials. She also modeled in many prints and stock photography, of which one of the most noticeable is the Maxim Europe publication. Her dance repertoire includes Ballet, Jazz, Tap Dance, Hip Hop and even the mystic moves of Salsa, Tango and the Waltz.
francisco bugarin MARIA  RUSSEL  
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