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General questions about our group classes.

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1 How Can I Learn To Dance Quickly? Sergio Leal 8723
2 Do You Offer Gift Certificates For Your Classes? Sergio Leal 7658
3 What Other Dances Do You Teach? Sergio Leal 8868
4 I Already Have Salsa Experience, How Do I Know What Level To Take? Sergio Leal 9047
5 What is The Age Range Of Your Students? Sergio Leal 8849
6 How much do your group classes cost? Sergio Leal 7618
7 Why is "Latin Dance Pro" a top pick for dance lessons? Sergio Leal 7734
8 How long are your classes? Sergio Leal 8096
9 Do I Need A Partner? Sergio Leal 7161
10 I missed the first day of the Salsa class series. Can I still join? Sergio Leal 6888
11 What Do I Wear To Class? Sergio Leal 8383
12 Can I Learn To Dance? Sergio Leal 7918
13 I'm Ready To Take Classes, How Do I Get Started? Sergio Leal 8173